Sexy photo actress and model Maggie Q.

Maggie Q is native to Honolulu, born on 1979, May 22. It must be said that she has Vietnamese and Polish roots. In childhood, the girl dreamed about the profession of veterinary and was fond of professional sports. However, at the age of 17 began her career as a model. Soon, Jackie Chan noticed her in Hong Kong at one of the shows. He brought the actress to the cinema. Since its debut on the big screen has passed more than 20 years. And since then, more than eighty roles in TV series and movies.

Hot Photo Maggie Q.

It is worth noting that the nude Maggie Q posed for various men’s magazines, including Maxim. It was a hot erotic photo shoot in swimsuits and a mini bikini, underwear, no panties, and no bra. But the actress also performs sex scenes in the cinema. And it was on the screen that the girl showed naked tits and ass.

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